Monday, February 19, 2018

Conjurer - Mire (2018) review

Conjurer - Mire 
3.9.18 via Holy Roar Records

Passion is a driving force in all of our lives; something that drives and fuels us or something that can ultimately drive us insane in its pursuit. This passion is something that makes Conjurer's debut record so enthralling: it is teeming to the brim with heavy, deep, sludgy, and brooding music that takes hold of you and does not let go during its 44 minute duration. As dark and brooding as this may be, it is more of an event filled journey as opposed to a struggle to get through. The subtleties are what make this stand out from it's contemporaries: the unexpected, yet exceptionally pleasant "cleans" on "Thankless", the twists and turns that lead you to believe the music is going one way only to be proven left speechless by how it truly turns out, the fantastically done instrumentals that make you a part of the journey, the gut-wrenching screams of Dan and Brady, or even the cryptic yet enthralling lyricism. Debut albums usually are filled with cliches and succumb to genre tropes that are all to present anymore, however Conjurer overcome and craft one of the finest debut albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Bravo boys, this is a debut for the books.


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