Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bears Among Men interview

Recently I had the chance to chat with California hardcore band, Bears Among Men. We had a chance to talk about overall influences, who their dream tour would be with, and their relationship with their record label. Read all about it below, and be sure to check them out on Facebook. Preorders are now live for their new album, Backbone due out March 15th via Beckwith Records! Expect my review of the album within the coming week.

In terms of the writing process, what were some of your most listened to albums while writing/recording?
A lot of albums from Breaking Benjamin, My Ticket Home’s Strangers Only is another big one, probably Disobediant by Stick To Your Guns and a bit of Bad Vibrations by A Day To Remember too.

What are some of the lyrical themes or meanings behind some of the songs?
Backbone came from a conversation Jose and Kyle had about religion, specifically our families beliefs and our upbringing in churches. Also viewing people who claim a certain religion and their actions not reflecting that. Disobey was in response to the Michael Brown shooting and the media at that time.

Who did you work with as a producer? What kind of experience did you have with them? 
We did all the preproduction ourselves at Kyle’s place and then took it to Sam Pura to engineer, mix and master. Sam built a great studio and it was awesome to record there. Plus Sam gave us some great advice and a great sounding record.

What bands are some of your biggest influences?
Slipknot for all of us has been an influence all along and in recent years Counterparts and Gideon have influenced the way we play definitely.

If you could tour with any 3 bands, past or present, who would you choose?
Slipknot, The Ghost Inside and A Day To Remember.

Any plans to tour more to support the record once the California leg is over with?
Yes definitely! January 2017 we decided financially we could afford to tour every other month for about a couple weeks each. We haven’t stopped since.

What’s it been like to work with Beckwith? I know they are a newer label, but seem like some really cool dudes from what interaction I’ve had with them. 
It’s been all chill so far. We’re working together really well and we’re hoping the relationship benefits us both for the future!

What albums are you all most looking forward to this year?
New The Story So Far, new Stick To Your Guns and The Plot In Your already came out but those were big ones. Very excited for our own album to come out haha

If there was one song you all would love to cover, what would that be?
Probably Candy Paint by Post Malone

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